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SoSoBotanical is the only custom aromatherapy bar in the tri-state area. We have over 100% pure and genuine essential oils that are grown free of pesticides and fungicides from around the globe. Most of our products are hand crafted in small batches at our shop on 48 E. Cross St. in Baltimore, MD.  We use plant based ingredients and never use sulfates, parabens, or other harmful ingredients 

We make skin-care products the way they should be: non-toxic.

Beauty is more than skin deep


A tool for self-expression and discovering who you really are.

Our environment in the urban and suburban spheres, is void of most natural scents. Essential oils interact with our body + mind on a complex but intrinsic level and can be used as a tool to rid our mind of distractions, boost our confidence, or enhance our brain power.

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An art to the olfactory organs, natural perfuming amplifies the strengths and effects of nature. Natural essences blend together to create a deep and complex scent that is exotic and perhaps even unrecognizable to the nose at first.

Contact us to learn more about our perfuming process or to request a consultation.

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Safe Essential Oil Use

SoSoBotanical does not advise the internal use of essential oils and recommends using a safe dilution rate as determined on an individual basis.

Ask one of our aromatherapists about safe application.

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